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Conestoga Archives


All college documents which are part of the Archives Collection are located in the Archives Room in the Library.  If you have any questions or would like to book a time to access this collection, please email:


The Archives collection includes the following print issues of Connections:
June 1989 - Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Winter 2009, 2011 and 2012.


Meeting Minutes

College Council Minutes (1975-2000)

Highlights of Board of Governors Meetings (1971-1973)

Board of Governors Minutes of Meetings (August 1974 - Current)

Convocation Programs

1986 - 1988, 1990, 1992-1996, 1998-2013, 2015

Course Calendars

Continuing Education (Spring/Summer 1976 - Current)

Distance Education (1999 - Current)

Full-Time (1967/68 - Current)

Programs at a Glance (1999/2000 - Current)

Training and Development (Spring/Summer 1992 - Fall 2004)

General Education

Academic Support Division Position Paper on General Education

Conestoga's General Education Plan (1994)

General Education and Generic Skills Curriculum Model and Recommendations for Conestoga College (1992)

General Education in Ontario's Community Colleges (1994)

General Education Review: Articles and Reports

General Education Review Committee: Minutes (June 26, 1990 - April 10, 1992)

Proposal for the Review and Future Direction of General Education and Generic Skills at Conestoga College (2002)

Report of the Task Force on General Education - Liberal Arts Content in Post-Secondary Programmes (1974)

Survery of External Stakeholders (1992)


Academic Handbooks

Co-op/Employer Guides

Emergency Response Plan (2006)

PLAR: Employee Handbook

Registration and Orientation Guides (1981 - Current)

Student Guides/Handbooks/Procedures (1972 - Current)


Brief Presented by the Corporation of the City of Kitchener: subject Area 14 College of Applied Arts and Technology proposed location Kitchener, Ontario

College Location Study (1967)

Communique (1990 - 1994)

Conestoga College One

Conestoga College Two

Conestoga College Three

Fifth Anniversary: Communications and Design

Now and Then: the News from Conestoga College as it Happens (February 3, 1977 - June 1978)

Outstanding: A Retrospective of the Premier's Awards

Perspectives: Waterloo Record, 2011

Preamble - Aubrey Hagar

Proposal for Doon Impression publication


Twenty-five Years of Education That Works 1967 - 1992

Letter for the "Doon Impression" to be distributed on campus (1979)

Organizational Charts - (2008, 2006, 2003, 2001, 2000)

Outstanding College Graduates: a Retrospective of the Premier's Awards

Perspectives: Waterloo Region Record 2011, Article: Pathways to Success (pgs 4-5)

Financial Reports

Budget Summaries (1999/2000 - 2005/06)

Financial Statements (2002 - Current)

ISO 9001

Quality Procedures: Work Instructions, Forms Book I

Quality Procedures: Work Instructions, Forms Book II

Quality Policy Manual

Report on ISO 9000 for the School of Business, Conestoga College (1996)

Team Building Tool Kit


HLLR Statistics Report (2009/10 - current)

Final Operational Plan (1992 - 1993)

LRC - Learning Resource Centre (2002-03)

Nursing - 3 Day Loan Material

American Nursing: A Biographical Dictionary (1988)

Assessment of Student Stress within the Diploma Nursing Program at Conestoga College (1989)

Canadian Hospitals 1920 to 1970: A Dramatic Half Century (1974)

Canadian Nurses Association: Course for the Future (1966)

Caring on the Grand: A History of the Freeport Hospital (1987)

Discussion Paper on Specialization in Nursing (1973)

Essays in the History of Canadian Medicine (1988)

Evaluation of Nursing Students' Practice Experiences 2 copies (1990)

Growing Up as a Woman: The Health Perspectives of Low-German-Speaking Mennonite Women (2006)

Guiding Principles for the Development of Programs in Educational Institutions Leading to a Diploma in Nursing (1966)

History of the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital School of Nursing, 1895-1974 (1977)

The Infertility Dilemma (1990)

Joint Nursing Articulation Project: The Report (March 1994)

Kanadier Mennonites: Gaining an Understanding of Their Health and Illness Beliefs (2001)

Leaf and the Lamp (1968)

Nursing in Ontario (1970)

Nursing Education Committee: Feasibility Study: Personnel (1972) 

Nursing Education in a Changing Society (1970)

One Hundred Years of Medicine in Canada: 1867-1967 (1967)

Proposal: Nursing Diploma Program (1975)

Proposals for the Future Pattern of Nursing Education in Ontario (1965)

Province of Ontario Guidelines for the Transition of Diploma Nursing Education into Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology (1973)

Report: Committee on Nursing Education (1972)

Report of the Evaluation of the Metropolitan School of Nursing, Windsor Ontario (1952)

Report on the Canadian Nurses Association School Improvement Program (1966)

A Report on the Project for the Evaluation of the Quality of Nursing Service (1966)

Report on the Task Force on the Transfer of Diploma Nursing Programs to Conestoga College (1973)

Report on the Task Force on the Implementation of Midwifery in Ontario (1987)

Report of the Task Force on the Transfer of Diploma Nursing Programs to Conestoga College, supplement (1973)

Review of the Two-Year Diploma Nursing Program in Colleges of Applied Arts & Technology in Ontario (1978)

RNAO Responds (1987)

Spotlight on Nursing Education (1960)

Standards of Nursing Care: A Model for Clinical Practice (1990)

Statistical Report: Nursing Education and Registration, (1974)

Study of Withdrawals of Student Nurses from Schools of Nursing in Ontario: Students Enrolling in 1956-1961 (1968)

Study of Withdrawals of Nurses from Schools of Nursing in Ontario: Students Admitted in 1965-1967 (1972)

Survey of the Development of Baccalaureate and Diploma Schools of Nursing in Ontario Since 1965 (1971)

There Were Giants in the Land: A Historical Review of the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (1975)

Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada (1947)

Women in Stress: A Nursing Perspective (1979)

Multi-Year Plans

College Strategic Planning Manual (1983)

Long Range Development Plan - Phase I (1998)

Multi-Year Plan 1985-86: Affirmative Action

Multi-Year Plan Part I (1984)

Multi-Year Plan Part I: Affirmative Action (1984)

Multi-Year Plan Part II (1984)

Strategic Plan (2005-2010)

Strategic Plan (2000 - 2005)

Strategic Plan (1995 - 2000)

Vision 2000

Vision 2000: Looking Forward (Feb. 15/89 - Nov/ 91)

Operational Reviews

Continuing Education

Findings of the Operation Reviews of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering/Technician/Technology Programs at Conestoga College (1993)

Human Resources Operational Review Report: Response to Recommendations (1990)

Operational Review: Human Resources (1990)

Operational Review Plan (1989)

Operational Review Report: Program Advisory Committees (1991)

Project Report Summary: Operational Review - Human Resources Department

Registrar's Office

Policies and Guidelines

Conestoga College: Graphics Standards Manual (n.d.)

Conestoga College Protection of Human Rights: Policy and Procedure (2002)

Guidelines for Managing Crisis Situations on Campus, Ver. II (2002)

Intramural Policies and Procedures Manual (1987)

Program Information (Including Proposals and Feasibility Studies)

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Wood and Composite Products (1 Vol.)

Architecture: Project and Facility Management

Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Proposal for an Applied Degree (2 Vols.)

Integrated Telecommunication and Computer Technologies: Proposal for an Applied Degree (2 Vols.)

You Bet I Care!: Caring and Learning Environments: Quality in Child Care Centres Across Canada (2000)

Architectural Drawings & Site Plans

Doon Campus, Conestoga College -  Long Range Development Plan - Phase I

LRC Square Footage (proposed) (N.D.)

LRC Map with # for Capacity of Addition (N.D.)

Doon LRC Proposal #1 (1995)

Doon LRC Renovations Floor Plan (1995)

Doon LRC Floor Map (2002)

Doon Campus - Main Building (2003)

Doon LRC Addition Map (2003)

Proposed Work Timeline for LRC Renovations (2003)

         Doon Campus - Main Building (2007)

         Doon Main Building Footprints (2009)

         Doon Campus Site Plan, two sizes (2009)

         LRC Service Desk Consolidation Plans (August 2010)

         Doon Main Building Floor Plan (2014)

         LRC Renovations and Doon Main Building Floor Plan (2015)


Annual Reports (1989 - 2001, 2005)

Adapting for Prosperity (2012)

Conestoga College: Fueling Community Prosperity (2003)

Donor Report (2008/09)

Graduate Placement/Employment Reports (1977/78 - 2007/08)

HLLR Statistics Report (2009/10, 2010/11)

KPI Reports [CD-ROM] (2001-2010/11)


Academic Leadership Model Position Descriptions

Capri Report

Community Colleges and their Communities: A Report on the Community Colleges Committee, Ontario Association for Continuing Education (1971)

The Community College in the Correctional Institution (1973)

A Comprehensive Demographic Study of Conestoga Community College Students (1980)

Computer Based Learning Project - Final Report (1991)

Conestoga College Evaluation (1976)

Conestoga College: Full Time Post Secondary Enrolment

Conestoga College Pay Equity Plan (1980)

Conestoga College Protection of Human Rights: Policy and Procedure

Continuing Education: Provincial Summary Report

Expanding Participation in Non-Traditional Careers by Under Represented Groups

Fueling Community Prosperity - Larry Smith (2003)

Future Directions for Post-Secondary Education (1996)

Model: Alternative Curriculum Delivery Methodologies

Ontario's Post-Secondary System: A Vision for the Global Economy - The Case for Applied Degrees (1999)

Physical Resources Study of CAATs, Ontario Canada (1978)

PLAR (1997)

PLAR (2001)

PLAR: Employee Handbook (2003)

PLAR Study: A Slice of the Iceberg (English & French) [CDROM]

Polytechnical Status for Conestoga College - Erica Stoermer (2002)

Porter Report

Report of Findings Prepared for Conestoga College, Prepared by PMG Consulting LTd. (2000)

Report of the Task Force: Strategic Planning Goal #6.1.5 (1984)

Report to the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology, Stage II (1971)

Response to the Report of the Task Force on Advanced Training (1993)

Waste Audit Report for Conestoga College (1949)

Ontario: A Leader in Learning: Report and Recommendations (February 2005)

Report on Student Demographics (Fall 1992 - Fall 1994)

Report on Student Experiences (1995 - 1997)

Report on Student Retention (1988 - 1989)

Skills Dialogue - 5 vols.

Value Stream Mapping Group Report (2008) 

Student Publications

AXIS (Dec. 1999 - Feb. 2000)

Press One (Spr. 1985 - Sum 2000)

Spoke (print 1973 - Current, online Jan 2014 - present:

Student Cook Book (2015)


Accessibility Plan (2003)

Accessibility Plan - Sep. 2003

Accessibility Plan - Sep 2004

Accessibility Plan - Sep 2005

Accessibility Plan - Sep 2006

Accessibility Plan - Sep. 2008

Accessibility Plan - Sep. 2010

Conestoga College Disability Services Four-Year Statistical Review (2004)

College Services to Special Needs Students (1987)

Handbook for Success: Special Needs (Aug. 1988)

Proposal.  Submitted to: The Learning Opportunities Task Force

Report of the Presidential Advisory Committee - Special Needs (1985)

Student Services Longitudinal Study of Special Needs Students - Interim Report by Karen McNaughton

Students with Disabilities: Faculty/Student Handbook


Doon Campus (1969 - 1981)

DSA/Athletic Yearbook (1990/91 - 1991/92)

LASA (1991/93)

Nursing - Green Street - White Caps & Continuum (1961-1985)

Nursing - Guelph - Challenge (1967 - 1974)

Nursing - St. Mary's - Impendam (1974)

Nursing - Stratford - Bibs and Blues (1960 - 1994)

School of Business (1983/84 - 2000/01)


Employer Survey: Academic Support/Aplied Arts/Business/Health Sciences/Community Services (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Employer Survey: Technology (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Graduate Survey: Academic Support/Applied Arts, Business (1997/98 & 1998/99)

Graduate Survey: Health Sciences/Community Services (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Graduate Survey: Technology - Civil to Mechanical Engineering Technology (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Graduate Survey: Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology to Welding (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Student Satisfaction Survey: Applied Arts/Academic Support/Business (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Student Satisfaction Survey: Health Sciences/Community Services (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Student Satisfaction Survey: Technology (1997/98 - 1998/99)

Student Survey: Comparative Report (Win. 1999, Win. 2000)

Student Survey: Summary Report (Win. 1999)

Student Survey - Conestoga College - Summary Report of KPI Results (prepared by Compustat Consultants)

Media Resources

Conestoga College Staff Photographs [Slides]

Conestoga College Doon Campus Photographs Carousel I [Slides]

Conestoga College Doon Campus Photographs Carousel II [Slides]

Conestoga Wagon (1969) [VHS]

Construction of Conestoga College (1966) [8mm Film]

Convocatoin (1969) [16mm Film]

Doon Student Association [Slides]

Orientation to Doon Campus (1988/89) [VHS]

Orientation to Doon Campus (1988/89) [Slides with Cassette]

Photographs of Library Space, Students and Staff

Photographs - Miscellaneous photographs of Conestoga College

Slides (Box 1)

   Ambulance and Emergency Care

   Career Planning  

   Guelph Campus

   Materials Management  




   Waterloo Centre

   Woodworking - Employer Interview

Slides (Box 2)

   Bookstore and Nurse's Office


   Career Planning

   Electrical Engineering

   Exterior (Doon and Waterloo campuses)

   Food and Beverage

   High Ty


Slides (Box 3)

   LRC General Orientation

Slides (Box 4)

   Appliance Servicing

   Educational Resources



Waterloo Campus - Construction/Renovations [Slides]

Welcome to Conestoga College (1983) [VHS]

Welcome to Conestoga College - Re-Edited Version (1984) [VHS]

Guild Shields

Guild Shields and Armorial Bearings

Master List of Conestoga College Guild Shields - Doon Campus